Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hel's Bell

Grisedale Horseshoe - 3 September 2011
Carl Bell today won the Derek Price Memorial Grisedale Horseshoe, 10 miles and 5000ft over Catstycam, Helvellyn and St Sunday Crag in pretty dreadful conditions.

1 Carl Bell -  Howgill Harriers  - 1:56
2 Paul (King Kong Corny IV) Cornforth - Borrowdale - 1:57
3 Tom Addison - Helm Hill - 1:59
4 Scoffer - Borrowdale - 2:01
(Times are approximate)
Grisedale's first lady was our favourite crime buster Natalie White who we are glad to see back racing in Cumbria. Our streets are safe again.

Carl Bell 2nd at Borrowdale by Wharfeego

We know Carl Bell is proving himself to be a real contender these days (1st at Weasdale the day before finishing 5th at Sedbergh British Champs race) but what a great run from Corny (2nd today), who said:
"I led Tom and Scoffer from Dolly Wagon but we were all together, I thought they'd come past me on the climb to St Sunday, but they hadn't......I had a good descent and was amazed to see Carl crossing the river ahead of me. I dug deep but I couldn't catch him. I wish I knew what the secret was!"

Corny at Borrowdale - copyright Wharfeego

Fell Running Briefs understands that Corny celebrated his great run with another steak from A. Contador's farm!


Post Race Ramblings from the Fell Runner Forum

"That was certainly a soggy one. Great camaraderie out on the course-performance of the day has got to be from one of my fellow backmarkers who managed to get from St Sundays to the finish despite the sole of his Walsh being virtually detached from the upper part."

"Some challenging conditions today with all the rain and mist, not least the crossing of Grisedale Beck. I felt my tired legs being pulled out from under me."

Mrs Victoria Sponge Cake
"Great job done by all the marshalls in the bad conditions. The post race cakes were a delight and almost as good as mine"

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