Sunday, 20 May 2012


Here's a rough idea of the course! But we can vouch (as we ran it today) it's a brilliant race! It's very interesting and full of surprises; runnable, walkable, scrambling, boggy, dry, technical, fast -  just some of the words that would be helpful in another great FRB report, however we just can't wait to bring you the news so forget the description.... here are the facts!

The record for this race belongs to Lloyd Taggart it's 5 miles and 2050ft and it's 44:17.

Today, local man Martin Mikkelsen Barron won the race in a very fast time. Martin lives within walking distance of the start of the race but doesn't train on Glaramara. He told us, every time he's been up there he finds a different route! It's a very deceptive hill, even in clear weather.

Full results

1. MMB (Martin Mikkelsen Barron) 46:21
2. Mike Fanning 49:05
3. King Kong Corny (Paul Cornforth) 50:15
4. Tom Edwards 51:28
5. Phil Winskill 53:04
6. Stevie B (Birkenshaw) 53:06 - after winning the Old Counties Tops (37miles) yesterday
7. Bob Wiseman 53:13
8. Sam Johnstone 54:27 (under18)
9. Mickey Cunningham 54:59
10. Andrew Davies 55:22 (V50 and on a comeback)
11. Simon Gray 56:38
12. Paul Barnes 56:43
13. Colin Valentine 57:39
14. Neil Sidaway 60:00
15. Daniel Platt 60:01

The top three today - MMB (right) Mike Fanning (left) leaning on  King Kong Corny 

1. Nic Davies 60:54 (18th overall)
2. Kate Beaty 64:27
3. Sarah Bailey 65:09
4. Sarah Yeomans 67:02
5. Judy Howells 67:53
6. Bethany Gregory Smith 68:55

PS Thank you Scoff for guiding the ladies back to the finish after also finishing a brilliant 3rd in the Old Counties Tops yesterday.

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