Sunday, 3 March 2013

Black Combe - 2 March 2013

A great start to the new season

It feels like Spring is just around the corner, a few lambs in the fields, daffodils opening up and parking in the field at Silecroft for the Black Combe fell race.

The good weather attracted some excellent talent in both the men's and the ladies' races, with good running conditions likely, the feeling amongst the runners was that this race was going to be enjoyable, it was great to be back together again with a good season of fell running ahead.


A clear win for West Cumbria's favourite fireman Ricky Lightfoot.

Helen Fines won the ladies race (despite forgetting to use her dibber!), with Lizzie Adams second and Anna Lupton third. Helen's watch said she ran in about 1:23. I'm sure we can take Helen's word for it that she didn't just stroll the 100 metres from check point 2 to check point 6, sit down and read her book in the mist, waiting for Lizzie and Anna to arrive and then race them down the fell!

Nic goes down a treat

A new downhill record for race to the finish from the last checkpoint on Black Combe (about 600 metres over more or less 2 km) was set by a speedy young Pennine Fell Runner and 11th man on the day Nic Barber. He descended in about 8 minutes (Nic will confirm with us shortly). Nic's not only good at downhill running, he's pretty good at downing a pint too and can do it in 4.1 seconds. Why not challenge him next time you see him in a pub.

Post Race Ramblings

"Ricky's on fire at the moment, a win at High Cup Nick last Saturday, a win at a Maryport 10 mile road race in 52 minutes on Sunday and 31 miles on the fell on Monday" - Saul Sornforth

"He was just too flaming fast for us" - Bob Rebb

"He was blazing the trail and all we could do was follow" - Dim Javies

It's great to be back reporting on races again, here's to a good season to us all. Happy Running 2013.

A burger van at Black Combe yesterday (100% beef)

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  1. Looking forward to a season of race info and tongue in cheek reports from Fell Running Briefs!