Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Day at the Races

Fell Running Briefs trialled a new photographer on Sunday at the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay. We think you'll agree he's got great potential and enthusiasm for the sport of fellrunning and a talent for capturing the atmosphere. We'll forgive him for occasionally forgetting to stand still as he took the pictures!

Here are 11 year old Elliot's Collection;

At Hartsop - Leg 1 - Leg 2 changeover

Borrowdale's Ben Bardsley and Martin Mikkelsen Barron

Dark Peak's Pete Hodges and David Scorah

 Mick Hill from Pudsey and Bramley
 Dark Peak's Leg 2s Robert Little and John Rocke
 Pudsey and Bramley's Nick Leigh and John Heneghan
 Wharfedale's Matt Athersmith and Nick Charlesworth being chased by Calder Valley's Adam Breaks and James Logue

 Kirkstone Pass - Leg 2 - Leg 3 changeover
 Borrowdale's Mike Fanning and Simon Booth waiting for their Leg 1 runners to come in
 Ah here they are! Martin
 And Ben
 and they're off
 Ambleside's Ben Abdelnoor and Tom Gibbs hand over after recording the fastest Leg 2 time 1:08:34 (nearly 3 minutes clear of anyone else)
 Wharfedale's Leg 3 runners get ready Mark McGoldrick and Chris Newman

 "It was a bit misty up there wasn't it Matt"

Leg 3 Changeover at Brotherswater

  Leg 3 runners - Pudsey and Bramley's Darren Kay and Danny Hope with Borrowdale's
Simon Booth and Mike Fanning showing they're all still friends
 The finish field - Patterdale

Borrowdele's anchor men Morgan Donnelly and Jim Davies

  The full Borrowdale team get ready for a photo

 Jim Davies (with baby) Ben Bardsley, founder Billy Bland, Chris Steele Leg 1 Mark Roberts Leg 1, Martin Mikkelsen Barron, Simon Booth, Morgan Donnelly and Mike Fanning.
  Wharfedale finish in 2nd place
Sam Watson and Ted Mason
2nd Team - Wharfedale Harriers Chris Newman, Sam Watson, Ted Mason, Mark McGoldrick, Nick Charlesworth, Paul Crabtree (Leg 1) Matt Athersmith and Christian Holmes (Leg 1)

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