Saturday, 8 October 2011

Langdale Horseshoe Stakes - Live report

Langdale on 8 October 2011 by FenlandFellrunner
And they're off! It's a damp day here outside the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel but these hardy beasts are used to it and some say they actually quite like it. As this is a 104 furlong race (14miles and 4000ft) they're leaving the start field at quite a steady canter, I think when they hit the first climb (Thunacar Knott) we'll be able to sort out who's looking good today. I'd better go in now and finish that pint of Black Velvet.
One hour later
We join the race now at Bowfell, a small group have broken away from the rest of the field, it looks like The Noor, Orient Express (trained by Oli Johnson) and Avon's Calling (trainer Carl Bell) are showing their worth. But I can see Purple Power, looking resplendent in his purple silks (ridden well by Mark Roberts), is leading a chasing pack including Captain Jack (John Helme), Black Mountain (Mark Palmer) and Robinson's Crusoe (Rhys Findlay-Robinson).
Pennine's Dave Ward (Running Back Wards) by FenlandFellrunner 
At Crinkle Crags it looks like The Noor, Orient Express and Avon's Calling are running wide, perhaps distracted by that tasty patch of green grass just next to the Bad Step, Purple Power obeying a firm hand on the reigns, moves into the lead. 

And Purple Power is doing magnificently as he climbs up Pike O Blisco, can he hold on to this lead? The trio that went on the detour, now back by the rails, are forging up Pike O Blisco with what can only be described as a 'new vengeance'. At the top it's still Purple Power's, but it's a rough and tricky descent and I think Purple Power will not like this.

And here they come up to the finishing post. It's Avon's Calling winning by a nose from Orient Express followed by The Noor. The wise old stallion Purple Power comes through next leading Captain Jack and Black Mountain.

Sadly Snow Queen retired leaving it open for Slide by Hazel Covers (trainer Hazel Robinson) winner of the Three Shires Hurdle and the Wasdale Handicap making it three classics this year for this well regarded chestnut.

1 - Carl Bell - Howgill Harriers - 2.09.13

2 - Oli Johnson - Dark Peak - 2.10.45

3 - Ben Abdelnoor – Ambleside -2.11.34

4 - Mark Roberts – Borrowdale -2.12.38
5 - John Helme – Ambleside - 2.14.45
6 - Mark Palmer – Mynydd Du - 2.15.44
7 - Hugh O'Donnell – Ambleside - 2.15.52
8 - Andy Brown – Clayton - 2.15.59
9 - Steve  Birkinshaw – Borrowdale - 2.17.05
10 - Dave Wilby – Ilkley - 2.17.14
11 - Darren Holloway – Pennine - 2.17.23
12 - Paul Cornforth – Borrowdale - 2.18.37
13 - Kim Collison - Eden Runners - 2.20.25
14 - Rhys Findlay-Robinson - Dark Peak - 2.22.52
15 - Mike Robinson - Dark Peak - 2.23.56
16 - Andrew Jebb – Bingley - 2.25.48
17 - John Hunt - Dark Peak - 2.25.55
18 - Brian Stevenson - Pudsey & Bramley - 2.26.00
19 - Mike Johnson – Bowland - 2.26.18
20 - Paul Thompson – Clayton - 2.26.32
Mike Robinson - Best turned out - photo by FenlandFellrunner
1 Hazel Robinson - Ambleside - 2:36:57
2 Renee Saxton - Otley - 2:45:33
3 Natasha Fellows - Chorley - 2:58:26

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  1. I think that you have fallen into the same trap as the FRA magazine by publishing a photo of that bloke out of guns and roses.
    I know it's great that he's not just a one trick pony and as well as playing the drums he also does some jogging but personally I'm sick of the site of him in magazines and on web sites. It was much better in the old days when you knew that a man was a man by his hairstyle, that Sinead O Conner really confused me.
    Yours Hazel Robinson.