Thursday, 9 February 2012

I can't wait for the weekend to begin

Ah yes - The classic house sound of 2004 sums up how we feel at FRB today.....

Pen-y-ghent yesterday
I'm working, all week long, I dream the days away, 
I wanna sing my song so let the music play,
I can't wait for the weekend to begin.

I'm saving all my soul and all my pain,
so i can lose control on Saturday,
I can't wait for the weekend to begin.

Saturday 11 February
Carnethy 5
This race is 6 miles and 2500 feet over five hills south of Edinburgh. Historically this is where the top fell and hill runners dip their toes in the water to test their form for the coming season, and a glance down the entry list here, shows a few that could be doing just that.....
  • Rob Jebb
  • Tom Addison
  • Mark Addison
  • Jethro Lennox
  • Tom Owens
  • Robbie Simpson
  • Alasdair Anthony
  • Prasad Prasad
  • Orlando Edwards
  • Angela Mudge
  • Sarah McCormack (the ladies winner of the Wansfell Race six weeks ago)
'Nearley Hopeless' on the FRA Forum has started a "Who will win the Carnethy 5?" thread and it looks like the Fellrunners are backing Jebby.

Last year the race was between Tom Owens and Robbie Simpson (last year's results) but here's a picture of  Carnethy man Joe Symonds to get you into swing of things.

Joe was 6th last year - picture by

Records Gavin Bland (1999) - 46:56 
Ladies Angela Mudge (2002) - 54:20

Wadsworth Trog
With the Wadsworth Trog you used to have 'the hard or soft option', as you could choose between the 'Full' or 'Half' as they were on the same day.  Now the two races are run on different days so those entered will have no choice but to run the whole 20miles (and 4000 feet) over tough Calderdale tundra.

Hannah Dobson, the Trog's organiser, describes the race.......
"This race can be very different depending on the weather. If you're lucky you might get it cold enough that the bogs are frozen, or snow so you can follow the footprints of everyone in front. Or you might get a clear day after weeks of rain, so you can see where you're going while you leap the tussocks and swim through the bogs. Or you might get clag so you can wander in circles through the bogs till you find the shoe you lost an hour ago.
"The worst tussocks and bog are between CP 2 and 3, and there's some more bog between 5 and 6, but other than that, it's mostly paths or trods that are nice and runnable" 
Last year's winner - pic by SportSunday - who will be at this year's Trog too
Last year James Logue won, though he was chased closely by Tom Brunt. This year, Hannah told Fell Running Briefs.....
"It looks like it could be a rematch of the Tour of Pendle with Carl Bell and James Logue both on the entry list so we can see what the weather does and whether Carl (not being local) can outsprint James once he gets within sight of home or past any risk of getting lost! Tom isn't entered this year"
"It might be something of a speed skating affair, but I reckon we'll be going ahead unless there's too much snow to allow parking as people will be able to run around most of the ice"
"There's also a good potential for a decent race between the ladies. Helen Jackson, Nicky Spinks and Anne Johnson are all in it. And there's more than one club with a chance of the women's team trophy."
Conditions in Calderdale last weekend - pic by Emma Osenton
Here's the entry list for you to make your own predictions. Answers on a postcode - or using  #wadsworthtrog on twitter if you like.

Records Karl Gray (2008) - 2:38:15
Ladies Carol Greenwood (1998) - 2:58:09

Jarrett Jaunt Handicap
Up in West Cumbria, this 'entry on the day' 4.5mile (1500ft) loops around the back, and then up over the top of Dent hill. It's a 'must do' race, if only for the fact the path round the back of Dent is locally known as 'bummers'! 

The back of Dent Fell by
If organiser Harry Jarrett doesn't know you, he'll ask if you know your 10K time for the handicapping. We sent one of our reporters to research this a few years ago and they told Harry "I don't know, you sing it and I'll hum it". Harry awarded our reporter the honour of being first off and which left them to uncomfortably lead the whole race until the final descent, giving our reporter the experience of what it feels like to be a fox on New Year's Day.
Our reporter leading the Jarrett Jaunt
Records Ricky Lightfoot (2008) - 32:05
Ladies Laura Park (2007) - 37:36

Tarren Hendre
There's also a race in North Wales of 6 miles and 2000ft.
Records Simon Bailey (2006) 45:12
Ladies Anna Frost (2007) 55:53

Sunday 12 February
Winter Hill
Fell Running Briefs is really excited about the Norman Matthews Winter Hill Race, as not only is it a cracking race (that always gets a classy championship style turnout) but also because Fell Running's Best Dressed Man 2011, Darren Kay is going to be there and it's rumored he'll be making a statement in new shoes.

Darren Kay (still running for Horwich) leading a class field at Winter Hill 2010 - picture by  Brenda Matthews
Darren who now runs for Pudsey and Bramley (a suburb of Leeds twinned with Bolton in Lancashire) told the FRA Forum that 'I struggle with asthma when it's cold'. However we are sure Darren just won't be able to resist taking the race out fast over his local training ground.

Winter Hill today - So that's why it's called 'Winter' Hill  - pic by Blackrod lad
The race is 11 miles and 2750 feet. Darren's team mate Rob Hope has the record (2010) of 1:26:54 with Carol Greenwood having another long standing ladies record (1997) of 1:43:37.

Kendal Winter League - Fairmile near Sedbergh
The start of the real steep races in the League. It's about three miles and it's steep up and steep down.
More information here.
Danby Beacon
On the North York Moors, this race is 7.5 miles and 1180 feet. There is no record information (does this mean it could be yours for the taking.....)

I can't wait for the weekend to begin
And so......we just have a few more hours to wait, we hope the weather isn't going to force the cancellation of any races and we wish you all safe travelling and happy racing! Why not get into the weekend mood with us and listen to the classic 'Can't wait for the weekend to begin'.
Don't forget - we won't know the results unless you tell us! @fellrunninbrief


  1. The lack of record for Danby Beacon means that it's there for Cam to take! I'll let you have the results ASAP!

  2. Cam better start practicing his arm stretching exercises in case it's a dead heat again!

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  4. Hey, Do you do much nighttime fell running? I want to run more after work but I am sick of running in the city. Also do you have any headlamp reccomendations? I have found this but not sure if it is bright enough / too bright for local running in North Yorkshire!