Sunday, 26 February 2012

The 'Run' on Sunday

With less than three weeks to go till the first 2012 Championship race (Lads Leap 17 March), fell runners are still testing themselves against each other in Sunday fell races. Many making it a double race weekend.

Loughrigg Silverhowe
1. Kim Collison 1:11:39
2. Mark Roberts 1:12:04
3. Carl Bell 1:12:36
As Kim crossed the finish line in the park in Ambleside, he asked John Broxap and Len I'Anson, "where's Carl!?". "You're first mate" they answered.
Mark Roberts asked the same and in just a few seconds more the man himself arrived to explain.
"That's the last time I go off on my own! - someone told me to hug the wall and I think I must have hugged the wrong wall - I've been down crags and all sorts"

Also making up the top ten were Stevie B Berkinshaw, who like Kim and Carl raced yesterday at High Cup Nick, Matt Reedy and Gavin Bland.

Sunday Girls

These girls were just too quick for my camera
1. Sharon Taylor (about 1:21)
2. Hazel Robinson (about 1:24)
3. Lou Roberts (about 1:27)


Ilkley Moor Fell Race
1. Tom Adams
2. Graham Pearce
3. Ben Abdelnoor

1st lady was Emma Clayton who also raced yesterday with a cracking 14th place in the National Cross Country Championships in London. The new record at Ilkley Moor has rounded off a great weekend for Emma.

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